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    Dogs, hiking, skiing, skijoring, tracking with Dakota<br />Horseriding, training cayenne
  1. If Dakota did that then she didn't come back. She is a real run away dog. When she gets her chance she will go on a adventure all by herself.
  2. Hi Paul, unfortunately we can't go to the house we wanted to rent we wanted to go in the first week of july. But I've a new job and I couldn't go in that week so now we're going 16th ot June but the house wasn't available that week. So now we've tented a house near Klagenfurt. But who nows next year, all we know is that we're going to Saas Grund again next year, the lady that rent the house to us just loves our dogs and the dogs love her. Its a great place to be.
  3. That was a great story, great pictures too. Maybe we'll meet in June my boyfriend and I are going to Austria, only one hour drive from Chur. Last Januar we've been in Switserland we went to Saas grund skiing and hiking with the dogs.
  4. You use the same boots as you use for cross country, forgot that you use that name for it here in Holland we call it langlaufen (the same word as they use in Germany, Austria, Switserland). Thanks for the lbs and inches.
  5. Yes, thats Mika on the third picture, he weighs now about 24 kilo and he's about 65 centimeters high thats 4 kilo more and 5 centimeters more than Dakota. The dogs want to chase the skiers, we let Dakota pull us on the sled, wich was funny. I couldn't let her pull me on the ski like last year because I have a bad ankle, the ski I used last year for skijoring are langlaufski and you use different shoes for that wich are not good for my ankle at this time, perhaps next year.
  6. We went skiing in Switserland and of course we took Dakota and Mika with us here are some pics. Mika is always thirsty
  7. No one of them is Balkenende maybe you've heard of him, he has also the name "harry potter" because he looks like him. Hope he doesn't become prim minister again, but will see what will happen.
  8. We're going to vote on 22nd of november to get a new cabinet and a new prime minister.
  9. why don't we go around with a hat on the 15th october on the gathering.
  10. Elize


    Sounds great,wich raceclub you're going to do this ? Maybe its something for Dakota too.
  11. Elize


    To bad for these new owners, she made the pups cheaper first they were € 950 at least thats what I pay for Dakota.
  12. Well that you didn't trust me, well I can't blame you. Its all Wendy who caused this !!
  13. Hi Odette, I'll tell you my story. I've bought Dakota from Wendy, Dakota is from Hoka Hey x Beaver, beaver is a coydog, only I've heard this when Dakota was 5 months, I was really shocked,'I've confronted Wendy with this she said that Beaver was adopted by Kim for a new bloodline, stupid as I was I believed this. When Dakota was 1 year old I still didn't recieved the papers, I've asked Weny again and she told me that she would send them to me (she was already in Austria) When I finally recieved I saw that they were not from Kim. Because the contract that would be send to Kim for the registrat
  14. Elize


    Hi Odette, About the chip, I've been told that when dogs aren't chipped they can't be imported from the usa, the have to be chipped. And one thing about Wendy, take a look at www.pullmancity.de then look at über pullman city and you'll find a picture of Wendy, she's working at pullman city for season work (hoogseizoen). When the season work is finished, I've heard that she's going to work in Modena (Italie) at some kind of horse stable. Maybe this will help you, I've asked Wendy many times to remove the link to my website, she still hasn't done this, unfortunatly for her. A couple of
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