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  1. I often wondered what happened once registered as I have never received any paperwork after registering Soul in 2010. Since I moved last year, how can I update my address and perhaps receive a copy of his registration? Thank you ahead of time.
  2. Soul had major itchy scratchy issues, had scabs at the tip of his ears, and is highly allergic to fleas. Comfortis is working well for the fleas and I have him on the Taste of the Wild Prairie formula and one can of Natural Balance L.I.D. soft food a day. Not sure what the allergy in the food was (note that he cannot have any treats except Milkbone plain, L.I.D. brand & DreamBones), but the itching has stopped and the tip of his ears are no longer scabbing. It seemed weird to me that the Milkbone treats didn't affect him - but after 5 years of trying different combinations, we're just happ
  3. Good luck and sending healing energy. Soul had a sliver that did about that same thing a few months ago. It looked fine for a few weeks and then flared back up after day at the dog park. I used a mix of baking soda and water on it and got it to pull out a bit and was able to remove it with tweezers. It was from the wood pile. He wasn't happy, but knew it had to be done!
  4. Have requested the week off from work and plan to be there!! Can't wait!
  5. Soul is a talker and a singer. As I played this video just now, he sang along! Sorry about the sideways shot...it was an impromptu grab of the phone cam. Soul:
  6. Hello dear friends and new friends, Solstice and I are returning to the pack and after almost 2 years, had a lot of catching up to do. Many things have changed and my heart goes out to those who have lost their companions. Soul and I are adjusting to life on our own after a tumultuous time in our pack. My husband and I have, after 18 months of trying to save our marriage, decided it is time to begin new chapters in our lives, separately. It has been a series of ups and downs, but now is quite amicable. He is looking into getting a new AI pup this Spring and Soul and he have regular visitat
  7. It is really amazing since Soul is Echo X Shoppa! LOL His eyes started turning about 3 1/2 months; they are blue white in bright sunlight and snow backgrounds. As I posted in the "Eyes" thread - they're definitely mood eyes - they change constantly! I hope we can make it out to the Gathering (not to jinx the school though) or at least somewhere in the vicinity to meet you guys! It'll be cool to see how Two-Step grows and if they stay looking the same or the change comes. There are days Soul looks just like Shoppa with Echo's coloring and then days where he looks just like Echo. Same with
  8. Uh oh...I got puppy fever...I knew I was staying away for a reason! Shhhh...don't tell the hubby in hiding!
  9. Oh my goodness, Miz Molly - do you have Soul's Doppelgänger over there? LOL WOW...who are Two-Steps parents???
  10. Soul has "mood" and "seasonal" eyes. Here's a few to relate to: Winter: Run for the Hills: Watch Me: Fall: But who can forget how they started:
  11. Brian does most of the long walks with Soul and he gets "what the heck kind of dog is that" question so much he tells them now - he isn't sure; talk to his wife. We've had the local dog patrol out twice in the past year checking to make sure we didn't have a coyote as a pet. Our vet has a picture of him on his desk (he loves Soul) and often people say he looks like a dingo. We have only gotten wolf once. When I talk about him and AKC comes up I simply smile and say "No, he isn't AKC, but he is Rare Breed registered"! Shuts it right down. Humph - you got the AKC dog - we got the rare o
  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Wicca and mates! I noticed everyone talking about weight. Soul weighs in at about 38 lbs in the winter and about 35 lbs summer. Brian is always worried that we're not feeding him enough (um, yeah - right - he eats 3 cups of Innova a day and scraps). His metabolism is crazy though - he eats and immediately wants to run - even when we're not outside...from one end of the house to the other - burning those cals. I did send a pic to Kim a few months back and he told me that Soul's shape was perfect...I swear he does look really, really skinny though - sometimes
  13. Good early morning, all! Yes, the missing poster is back! What? You haven't been following us on Facebook? For shame! I hang my head in shame for missing out over the past months. It has been a very busy year and I have a feeling 2012 is shaping up to be even busier! Today is Soul's 3rd birthday and I could not head out of computer world without dropping in and seeing how everyone is doing and to let everyone know we're still alive! A quick update on the AID Facebook page - we're up to 229 followers! I drop in on a weekly basis and post updates and try to stay on top of things.
  14. So guilty...and glad I'm not the only one...but missing in action paperwork is driving me crazy!!!
  15. Amazing and love the name...I want a baby!!! Shhh...hubby would kill me...hmmm...maybe if we stay in OR...Kudos and congrats, Gib and family!!! She's gorgeous!
  16. Having watched Anna's vids of her - it amazes me that this is the same dog. Kudos you guys...it's amazing what a little love will do. Tears falling as I read this...
  17. We are reserving spot 16 - it all depends on this new contract, but we are planning on being there...we have two properties to look at while we're out there...who knows...we may have a new home and never look back!
  18. Somewhere on here there is a thread about the first time we heard him do this. He was about 5 months old and my husband had a gig that I couldn't attend so I stayed home alone with Soul. He kept going to our roadside door, so I put him on his lead and took him out...he got to the middle of the sidewalk and there was an eerie howl across the road in the woods. Soul did a dead stop, put his paw up (typical AI stance), and then threw his head back and howled really guttural...he then started bumping my legs and pushing me back toward the house. He continued to sit down and howl a few mo
  19. Ah - Soul is a star on Facebook and YouTube - LOL... Here is the link to the newest one: ! (Brian, Briana, & Soul). Yes, we are a strange bunch! :-) ...I had to laugh, as I was finding this one to upload to YouTube - Soul started singing to himself as the vid played in the background...he's definitely a singer. He dances too - but he loves to sing along to the harmonica! Here is the one of him singing ...after he falls over - he stops singing! LOL... There are more of him singing on the YouTube account - but these two are the newest ones. He even sings when he's upset
  20. Well, that went out the window today...I left to head up to Wyoming to meet Togo and well, got about 25 miles from home and my cell rings. It's Brian and Soul had taken off...4.5 hours later, we get a call from a couple who had arrived home and Soul greeted them in their driveway like he'd been theirs forever! They called our vet and they gave them our number. Okay - Brian turned his back for no more than 15 seconds...Soul ran to the neighbors. Brian whistled and called, Soul came to the fence row and started puppy pouncing...Brian was mad...and said...Bad Dog as he reached for Soul..
  21. Jackie, I've been following this thread (and other ones) and watching to see how things went. I'm wondering if there isn't an issue with Togo being confused on the pack order. From what I can gleam here, there are a lot of people interacting with him on a daily basis (not a bad thing for socializing, but can cause confusion if there are too many "commanding" him) - is there any one person who is "dominant" and gives the majority of commands/training? As for the food aggression - it almost sounds like a hoarding reaction. "My food - get away" due to his "fear" he may not get another bow
  22. Um, you might want to remove the code box - it expanded the page to about 1/4 bigger than my 22" widescreen monitor! LOL...silly rabbit - you always practice code somewhere where we can't see the mistakes! LOL
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