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  1. Rick - I think this site isn't used much anymore. It suffered a bot attack and was sort of abandoned. There are new litters still and you can see some on the Song Dog Kennels Instagram page. It seems to still be active and they post regularly.
  2. Rooster is a city dog for the most part but if he hears a coyote in a video game or a movie he will stop what ever he is doing and howl back. Sometimes he will howl at a wolf noise but the coyote sounds just speak to him. If you want to see what your dog will do there are a ton of youtube videos of coyotes howling. Rooster is real talkative so he will also howl at whale noises, doorbells, alarm clocks and people who are not paying enough attention to him.
  3. Here is an informative AMA from some Vets on research regarding dogs and COVID-19. https://www.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus/comments/g1qbfu/askscience_ama_series_hello_reddit_three_members/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  4. Rooster has/had a lot of resource guarding issues. I have worked really hard with him and he is much better but he still has his moments. I did a lot of the things mentioned in this post but for us everything just turned into a fight. It was an all or nothing argument over food and bones and being alpha all the time and winning every time just wasn't working for us. I read an article on Couch Wolves (https://www.couchwolves.com/articles) that changed the way I was doing things and really changed our relationship for the better. Basically instead of making everything an alpha contest they
  5. Thanks for the thread. I did look around on the form but I missed this. I also let Kim know. Thanks for the PS too - I think Rooster is cute too.
  6. Rooster has presented with a somewhat rare genetic condition - only one of his testicles dropped. My vet said that it is not a huge problem if the dog gets fixed - and he is scheduled to have that procedure done soon, but it is genetic and costly as well as a much more involved surgery. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their male AI dog.
  7. Such great colors - what a handsome dog and legs for days!
  8. Adrienne


    That would be so much fun! I know Rooster would love it.
  9. Adrienne


    Update on Rooster a pup from Tonka Sitsi and Cisco Kid. Rooster has been a wonderful if not challenging addition to my family. He loves meeting new people and doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. Every dog he meets is his new best friend and he will run until they all fall down and he will still keep running. Everyone who meets him remarks on his huge ears, his beautiful eyes and his endless energy. He likes to sleep in front of the fire and is not fond of letting me out of his sight. He gets to come to work with me which has been really great. He has had some resource guarding issues wi
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