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Lisa M.

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  1. Woohooo so excited ! They are beautiful fur babies !
  2. Oh my gosh ! Look at that beautiful face ! Awwwww
  3. YAY !! So sweet ! Cant wait for our new pup ! Seeing these babies get us so excited
  4. How many did she have ? Cant wait to see them
  5. Lisa M.


    Omgosh !! Scary ! And here I'm worried about all the Coyotes around here when walking Tehya and some Bear sitings ! I would be so upset if it was someones pets/ hunting dogs, how rude ! Those dogs are very unsafe animals to attack your dog while with you......
  6. Lisa M.

    A Second Ai Dog

    I so hope Tehay will except and be happy to have a new baby sister !
  7. Lisa M.

    A Second Ai Dog

    We have a female who's 4 ! Were getting another female sister for her !
  8. Wonderful !! How many did she have
  9. So exciting reminds me of when we were waiting for our first dog
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