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  1. Nyk

    Update On Croí

    Apologies to the community and to Kim for not posting regularly. Croí, The American indian Dog in Saint Louis, MO, is now TWO YEARS OLD! In these two years we have been through a lot. From being the reason why i found the love of my life, having multiple job changes and the Covid stay at home order (which he was the best boy for let me tell you!) Croí has been there for me, my partner and his big sister Mia! Me and my now partner(because when you find that person they are more than just a GF, BF or spouse) went to pick him up at he air port, she drove because my plates were expired lol. My Job
  2. nah I don't mind at all! I didn't even realize that is was goofed up hahaha! he is a wonderful dog I love him soo much. Gaelic is such a wonderful verbal language but really weird in its written form lol.
  3. Here is a photo of Croí sitting very nicely. This is his go to look when he is very interested!
  4. Croí the AI dog has made it home! He has been here in saint Louis a few days now but he is full of spirit and personality. His name is Irish Gaelic, pronounced Cree meaning heart/soul. Example "has a golden heart" "has a good soul" He has been awesome and a wonderful friend. We start his first day at work tomorrow morning! And yes he is wearing a blue tie.
  5. PRECIOUS PUPS! Kim and crew must be very proud. especially Mojave and Shep.
  6. a scat mat is perfect if you don't want to use a collar! you have all the right tool and a great understanding of them! based on the comment about Wyot's behavior when the collar is on, its likely that Wyot won't mind and has a negative association with the collar. not that he is scared or traumatized but he does know that when that collar comes on, you mean business. those collars are not cheap, I'm fully aware, our obedience specialists use them often. what brand do you use? i know dogtra allows you to use two collars on a single remote.
  7. Actually, there are a few things you can do for both dogs! As far as Wyot goes you could simply crate him when you drive. my guess is he is overstimulated so wither crate or simply giving him something else to do while in the car may help! Kitchee and his sneaky habits I would recommend a correction collar of some sort, given that you would be okay with that. Normally as long as you use a correction collar properly, you should have no issues. correction collars also come in a variety of types and materials. Based on the information about the AIDog breed, I would guess the breed is sensitiv
  8. Hey, there I'm Nyk, a dog trainer with Kennelwood/Invisible fence Saint Louis. I am assuming Kitchee is a newer member of the family and to the house. if that is true then Wyot's marking is just letting Kitchee know that he was here first. granted that marking in the house is not okay, marking is how dogs let each other know who is around. as for as the giving up of toys, Wyot is willingly giving them up to let Kitchee play, probably because he does not value toys as much as he values affection, personal space and play time with Kitchee. in a way, it's like Wyot's saying "you can play with
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