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  1. Thank you! YES! They definitely are amazing hiking dogs for sure! I've never had a dog before that can do what Nuttah does. My family and I are so grateful for him!
  2. Hi Greg! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! I know it's hard for us to believe how big he has gotten now too! I still feel like I just got him! Time fly's!!
  3. Here is a Google Doc link to see the photo's because the PDF file was not working with this website: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IVgR0KFskgVS2EaZsMdZH4t3CstjfIhxghsX6DyH8uI/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hi All! Hope everyone has had a great holiday season so far and a wonderful New Years! I just wanted to give you all an update on Nuttah. We just celebrated his 2nd birthday on December 20th! He has been doing really well with his training so far, but still working on being off leash when there are lots of distractions around on the trails. Otherwise, all is well! We are all constantly amazed by how smart he is and how he is such a quick learner. Recently he has learned how to open the screen door with his nose when he wants to check in on us in the house. It's funny though because h
  5. Haha, Thank you @Greg ! He seems to always smile for the camera.
  6. Thank you @Miz Molly !! He's definitely a cutie and very photogenic.
  7. Here are some more pictures: Nuttah Update Spring 2019#2.pdf
  8. Sorry I'm having a hard time downloading the video onto the forum... I've cut the clip into smaller pieces, but it will not go through. Here are some photos instead. Update on nuttah 2019spring.pdf
  9. Hello Everyone, Sorry it has been a little while since I last updated you on Nuttah. It has been a very busy few months on my end. Nuttah is doing very well and still in training, but learning more commands very quickly each day. Here is a quick video on some refresher training with the "Leave it Command" for Nuttah. I am attaching some photos as well separately because they are too large of a file size to fit on this post. Nuttah is about one year and 3 months old now. He absolutely loves playing in the backyard and going for long hikes with me and my other two pups Ginger and Coco. Gi
  10. Thank you Kim and Greg for allowing us to volunteer our help with the AIDogs and be apart of such an extraordinary event! We learned so much while having fun along the way! It was an amazing week that we three will cherish forever! Thank you to both of you for hosting the AIDog Reunions.
  11. -Yes, he does look like Aquene especially in the coloring of the face! I can't wait for them to have a playdate soon! His name is pronounced NUT-AH.
  12. -Thank you! Kitchee is adorable too!!! Yes, Nuttah is born from Tonto and Sage's litter. Nuttah seems to have the same upside-down white triangle mark on his chest that Tonto has as well.
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