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  1. Todd

    Surfing Aid

    Surf Dogs[/url]://ahharsfnews.com/2010/09/12/breaking-news-10-pm-best-of-woodward-center-2010-surf-dog-surf-a-thon-today-at-del-mar Here's a look at the fun that was had yesterday at the Surf Dog Comp. There is no AID's in the video but still worth watching. My favorite part is at the end after the 9 minute mark. It just goes to show you that we can have all kinds of fun with our dogs no matter what kind it is or what size they are. Enjoy them while they are here!!
  2. Very nice looking dog!!!!
  3. Todd

    Surfing Aid

    Hey Everyone I met two AID's yesterday at the Del Mar Surf dog competition. Scott and Iilanda Englesby and their two pups Trixie and Oorah. I was standing amongst hundreds of people and dogs when this beautiful bushy tailed dog walked past me and I was like AID!!!!!! So I finally caught up to them and introduced myself. The dogs were beautiful as I would have expected. Very nice and calm. Oorah was the tallest AID I have ever seen he weighed in at about 53 pounds. Trixie is his sister pup and she looked a lot like Feather her mama. Where as Oorah looked more like his daddy. Who's name es
  4. Very cool! We will be there and bring friends with to support the cause!
  5. Todd


    Glad to hear he is on the mend! Give him a chest rub for us!! Fresh Aloe Vera right off the plant does wonders on healing the skin. I used it on a bad snake bite and it healed completely. I'm sending you my mojo and hoping Coyo a fast recovery!
  6. hey Jerry Lola has really turned into a nice looking puppy! Glad to hear things are going good for you. Yolo was very cautious around water at that age but did get over it as she got older. I'm sure you will see the same thing. Figuring it out is part of the journey. Thanks for the update and pictures! Todd
  7. Adding an AID to your family would be a blessing! They are special dogs and your other pup would love the company. I think raising two dogs is easier than one. However, I do believe it's easier to teach a younger puppy the WAY when you have an trtained dog to show the puppy the WAY! All of us can tell you that you don't just want an AID and get one. You have to talk to Kim and get on the LIST and then wait your turn! By the time you get an AID your other pup will be trained and ready to mentor the little dog. But get on the list now it could be several months. It's worth the wait!
  8. http://www.aircanines.com/ http://www.mad-dogs.org/ http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/steelcitydiscdogs/ Here's my club site with all the links http://www.d2isc.com/links.htm Let me know how it goes!!!! Todd
  9. Hi Maria, What's important at this age is to introduce the disc to the pup as a interactive toy never a passive toy for the dog to chew on. So, don't leave the disc laying around always be playing with the pup when the disc is out. Start out by using the disc as a food bowl for a few days. Then before feeding her start to slide the upside down disc across the floor and she will go get it. Do that a couple times then feed her in it. After she is eagerly chasing the sliders then you can move to rolling the disc on edge away from the dog. She should chase and return the disc to you. Don't prom
  10. Very cool! I don't know how I missed the previous post with little Sitka and the BAB disc! Yes it did make me smile!! Thanks! I'm glad Canidae is working for you and the pups. Works for us pretty darn good too! I have a new disc for you when in need, just let me know! Can't wait to see you guys in person! I will call Kim and maybe plan a trip up this spring!!!
  11. Nice slide show and great music! Soul looks good and very happy!
  12. Todd

    Happy Birthday Allison

    Happy Birthday Allison!!!!!!! Wishing you the best!
  13. GOOD VIBES GOING HER WAY!!!!!!!! Come on Lola kiss this in the ass and get better soon!
  14. That would be Nova, Scout and Shapa
  15. I think that is Feather. Here are my photo's of Hopi Feather
  16. here's my thoughts on TUG-O-WAR, I have played tug with every dog I have ever had and will continue to do so. Here's when you know the game is being played right. If you choose to let the dog win. Does he bring it right back to you for more play? If so you are on the right track. If the dog runs from you and is trying to get you to chase him for the toy then don't play tug. tug is a great way to play with your dog. It builds drive if done right. As for the puppy tugging on the baby clothes that is not tug and should be corrected. I would use the outer lip pressed against a sharp toot
  17. Todd

    Snow Pictures

    What a cool looking dog! Malachi aka Mask!
  18. Oh boy this guy looks like he could create a little trouble now and then!!! "That wasn't me it was Coyo, I swear"
  19. Nice looking little man you got there Allison! Love the name!
  20. Todd

    Puppy Food

    I do feed the puppies three times a day but at first it's not as much as I had first indicated. Yolo ate probably a half a cup three times a day in the beginning. As she grew so did her portions.
  21. Todd

    Stacyo And Jess

    Congratulations!!! What a beautiful puppy!
  22. Happy Birthday Coyo!! May your feet wear many paths on Mother Earth as you run like the wind for many Moons to come! See you soon my friend!
  23. Hi Daniella, So how's Mica doing? Is she allowing you to sleep through the night? You maybe doing this but if not here's a few things that may help. take all water away at 6pm. Give it an ice cube if you think it's thirsty. take some plain white cotton wash clothes and wet them good roll them tight and freeze them, Do several 3 or 4 at least. Give one to the puppy and let it chew on it like a bone. It will get moister and will help with teething. You need to pay attention to when it's thawed out and remove it from the crate, rinse and repeat. Give it another one. Also, even if it's sle
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