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  1. Lu was born last summer. I think from Feather and Flame? Kim, is this correct? We love him. His straight legs, his ears, his fox-like appearance. And his PERSONALITY. Jean
  2. Hi My name is Jean and I am the over happy pal to my AI dog, Lu. Louie for long, Lu for short. He is now 7 months old and a true gem. I need Allison to tell me how to post pictures of Lu on this forum. Been trying to figure it out but can't seem to. Kim and Melissa (trainer at Kim's) introduced us to Lu just over 3 weeks ago and we were instantly in like. Since then, we are in love. Lu loves to run and has 10 fenced acres to run in. About every 3 days or so, he 'face plants' as he is running so fast that as he takes a corner he looses control. Lu never falters in his zest for life and runni
  3. They are darling. Looks like you have about 3 from this litter and 5 from the first one? Yahoo! They are all adorable. Thanks for sending pics and so looking forward to meeting our pup, whoever he/she is.
  4. Greg, want to make sure you get this. We are ready for a pup and gender does not matter to us. Jean Leib
  5. Greg and Kim: We did not state a preference for gender. We are READY for a pup. I will contact Kim directly too. Thanks! Jean Leib
  6. Jason, I am not on social media but I did get in to Instagram in order to see Shiloh grow back in 2015. The jumping dog. How is Shiloh now, a few years later? Still jumping, enjoying his NYC dog parks and Vermont? Goodness, such a glorious story of a human with a dog. Jean
  7. Can't wait to see the pups from this lovely pair. Wow, a new Mama!
  8. Can't wait to get my first AI doggie. These two are special, gorgeous, exquisite.
  9. I think I am the lucky recipient of one of the Christmas pups - either this litter or the next. Yahoo!
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