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  1. We are thinking about getting on the waiting list for a second pup.
  2. Yes! Tonto is dad and Sage is mom. She is really beautiful. People stop us wherever we go to admire her and ask what breed she is. We are still telling people to get in touch with Song Dog Kennel. I thank God every day for Sophie!
  3. Sophie is my constant companion and by far the best one I have ever had. She will be 2 on Dec 20th. She loves to go for quad rides and keep a lookout for deer and squirrels or whatever she can spot. She also loves to run while with us we ride the quad. It is amazing how fast she can run!!
  4. It is so interesting to see that Sophie's behaviors are so similar to others. She always recognizes the first signs that we are getting ready to leave the house and stays very close during the whole process, then comes to stand between my legs when we are about ready to go. She wants to make sure that she is not left behind and is so excited when we tell her that she can go too. Then she runs out and stands by the car door. If we tell her she has to stay and guard the house her expression is just like Tayamni's. Breaks my heart every time. We always tell her not to worry, we will be back. Some
  5. Sophie eats Taste of the Wild and loves it. We don't worry about the amount she eats very much. She eats what she wants and leaves the rest. There are just too many more exciting things to do!! She also gets unseasoned morsels of meat occasionally. She does not care for veges for the most part. She just plays with them then leaves them on the floor. She has no health problems so far but she is only 1 1/2 years old.
  6. Wow! AI dogs can run like the wind. Such a great photo.
  7. Kadar

    A Second Ai Dog

    Thank you for the help everyone! Great information that will help in our decision.
  8. Kadar

    Goodbye Baingana

    So hard for your heart to make that decision but your mind knows that it is the best thing to do.
  9. Beautiful dog and I love that intelligent AI dog look in his eyes.
  10. Kadar

    A Second Ai Dog

    We have decided that we would like to have another AI dog although we haven't yet made the request. Sophie just turned a year old and we love her! Does anyone have input as to whether it would be best to request another female or get a male. We were wondering if 2 females would get along more cohesively.
  11. Thank You Allison! I will give the tutorial a try.
  12. I thought i was attaching a photo but for some reason it didn't work.
  13. Sophie dad is Tonto. She is almost a year old and best companion we have ever had.
  14. Thank you for the cone alternative idea!! So much better than a cone and we needed something! Sophie is definitely a licker.
  15. Great information. Thank you!!
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