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    hunting, fishing, working around the cabin, anything outdoors, and all of it with my son Eddie
  1. Another Texas AID! Great, we're in Center Point with Mo, our 8 month old. Good luck and have fun!
  2. wow. Thanks for the heads up! I've got nothing for such a turn around that is so stubbornly pervasive. Maybe a gentle leader inside the car for gentle corrections prior to and during the events? Heck, I don't know! Thanks again. Ed
  3. I guess we're lucky with Mo. We taught him sit, down, stay before we took him for long rides. He sits, lays down, and stays pretty well wherever he rides in the car...usually on the floor board with a chew toy riding shotgun. He'll raise his head to get a scratch and a "good boy" from me or the kid for doing so well. He's not completely without refocus or correction - he is 8 months old - but he does great and likes to ride.
  4. Simple really. By keeping a tight leash, any movement forward is "automatically' corrected. A gentle tug was enough for any correction needed - wants to chase something, etc.. This is of course is used in conjunction with the commands - heal, follow, leave it, or whatever you are doing. We began to loosen the leash slowly over time and he's doing great...almost totally off-leash at this point. The video is good...I just couldn't remember it all while training. Best, Ed
  5. Two words: Gentle Leader. Worked great for Mo.
  6. Eflemma

    Amazed Again

    Mo's sense of smell and instinct are really remarkable. I have been around hunting dogs my whole life and have had a couple of good ones over the years and have been amazed watching really great dogs point, flush, retrieve, and/or track. I do not recall seeing a better nose than Mo's. We came to realize quickly that when Mo perks up we look where he's looking because something is always there just out of sight. It took him about 3 seconds to figure out my boy was searching for a downed dove, get into the scrub, and come out with it. So, he had the tracking/retrieving part down pat while still
  7. I have made a point to introduce Mo to all of our country rancher/farmer neighbors so they know to look for a collar before they shoot. It would be difficult to tell the difference between Mo and a coyote running across a field.
  8. Mo, started this while riding in the truck. We used a muzzle grab, as we did for mouthy behavior, with the quiet command and it worked well.
  9. Sounds like fun. We have a fence around the property - but barbed wire so getting through would be easy for these guys. Some nice trails to walk around though. We haven't got to advanced off-leash training yet but that's coming - Mo likes to hunt and when he gets on a trail of something he can be a difficult recall right now. Just let us know and we'll be ready!
  10. Eflemma

    Happy New Year!

    Greg, Happy New Year to you, Kim, and your families. We are looking forward to a great New Year here in TX with our new companion, Mo. He's doing great at 5 months old and is representing the breed in all the ways you guys hope for as he meets the Hill Country community. We must've given out the link to Song Dog Kennels 20 times already. He really attracts a crowd at Tractor Supply! Again, all our best for 2018. Yours, Ed, Lori, and Eddie Flemma
  11. muzzle grabs have been very useful stopping Mo's mouthy behavior....
  12. well, there's lots of space! Country, country, country, and more beautiful country...more deer than people.
  13. Hey, just to let you know that you have an AID neighbor here in Center Point, TX...about 2.5 hours from Austin. We have a 5 month old AID named Mo. He's loving the TX Hill Country and the wide open space life.
  14. I'm from Upstate NY close to the the Adirondacks and I'd like to see our new pup in some deep snow! Won't happen here in TX though. Have fun!!
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