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  1. When you get a chance could you post the title? Always enjoy a good book!! Thanks!
  2. Not the one by Coppinger? Can't remember the title exactly - read that one years ago. Was fascinated by it. Does it have the foxes in it that were bred for docile behavior that ended up spotted and with floppy ears?
  3. I read this article on the web about dogs and 'telepathy' - basically they are just really good at reading our signals but with the indian dogs, I do swear that they are telepathic! Definitely empathic! http://news.discovery.com/animals/dogs-are...thy-110609.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/art...e-thinking.html
  4. I imagine that was scary for you!And for Danza too. Sorry to hear how frightened she was - know you were frightened for her. Amazing tho how adept these guys are about finding a way to 'escape'! They are so darned smart! And don't worry about 'failing' her - it's always a learning experience with these dogs, now you both know that there's more to learn LOL So glad tho that she came freely to your hubbie - that means you guys are definitely pack leaders in her mind - safety and love are where you are!
  5. Oops meant to add that today is Kim's birthday too - just in case anyone wants to wish him a happy birthday!
  6. If your dog is nervous about the fireworks/noise try Bach's Rescue Remedy. It helps almost any situation where you're dealing with fear or anxiety. Also there is a really cool 'jacket' for nervous dogs called the Thunder shirt ( http://www.thundershirt.com/) that I'm told works well. Based kind of on the theory that Dr. Temple Grandin used for herself and other autistic people (if you haven't seen the movie about her life you really should - fascinating!) So many animals suffer on the 4th (and New Years etc) end up traumatized or even escaping confinement and running away/getting lost.....
  7. They are super comfortable - my daughter has one - it swivels around but it's so darned comfy you fall asleep in it - great for 2 whether it's dog and master or 2 people. Even the cats fight to sleep in it!
  8. Really there isn't any set 'rule of thumb' but usually they're done growing around 2 years of age. Most height is gained by 1 year but during the second year, they get their full growth and weight. Any good quality dog food will work but obviously keep away from the 'Old Roy' category and especially away from anything with mostly grains as their food source. I've used both the Chicken Soup brand and Solid Gold with good results but hear that Blue Buffalo is excellent too. She's a beautiful dog - I like that 'robbers' mask' description too!
  9. Judy, he's a beautiful dog! I also think the collar is great - looks great on him that's for sure. How old is now?
  10. I know it isn't the same - but he'll be a nice 'toy' for the next indian dog you get <g> Hang in there!
  11. That was beautiful Yvette, so many of the responses to Cayenne's passing. It's been very comforting to read everyone's sympathy - thank you! ---- Cyndi Because if you believe in something and believe in it long enough, it will come into being. Rolling Thunder, Cherokee
  12. Hi Judy! You're still around - yay!! And your aswer is yes but a qualified yes - same mom and dad but a later litter - I believe our Cayenne was born in November? I don't have my paperwork right where I can put my fingers on it (in storage) but I know my daughter will correct me if I'm wrong <g> So full sister to Shadow Dancer! It's been very difficult to even talk about Cayenne's loss - well, you know about that so I'll shut up. Miss that dog very much! ---- Cyndi "When asked by an anthropologist what the Indians called America before the white man came, an Indian sai
  13. Cayenne's mom was Sky - a beautiful white aidog with blue eyes.
  14. Cayenne - or Kia as I called her - was truly one of a kind and a wonderful spirit. She was a true 'medicine' dog, healing those around her who were sad or hurting. She was a joy to be around, would do silly things to get you to smile. As any of you know who has their own aidog, they can also be purely frustrating too and bless my daughter for taking on much of her training as a pup. Cayenne was a beautiful dog too - she looked a great deal like her mom Dusty or her aunt Cy. Love that red/gold coloring! She is and was unique and special. There will never be another one like her. My t
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