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  1. I consider this to be an possibly unstable state and post past this point should be saved, but as the server stack is in a fragile state, I'm not going to guarantee anything. I am in the process of migrating all of this to the Cloud servers at AWS where Seattle's crappy power won't cause all of my equiptment to melt down.
  2. There will be intermittent interruptions as I clean up the servers.
  3. Massive windstorm last night knocked out the power again.
  4. All the more reason to migrate the forum.
  5. I love that park and the Paluxy river. It was one of my favorite places I visited the last time I was in the Dallas area. Fossilized dinosaur tracks. Fantastic! "It's not the humidity,it's the bone searing heat" was probably the truest statement I heard of Dallas, that and that it's flat. What they didn't say is that there's beautiful rolling oak forests and lovely river bottoms. I did consider going for a swim until I saw a big Gar (hey, everything's big in Texas, right?) and decided against it. That's one ugly fish with a lot of teeth. Brrrr.
  6. I'm not sure Sitka will ever forgive us for making him wear my Fez. He's such a good boy.
  7. Damn outages. Due to a number of annoying things pertaining to Comcast and Netgear flaking out, I've been going through the entire network stack trying to find the issues of late. There were two problems, the easier of two was Comcast disconnecting, I suspect due to overloaded traffic, and the other was the Netgear router spiraling down to it's death. It's final death was yesterday. There is a new router handling the traffic now. In the long term, this is a temporary measure. The long term plan is to go to Amazon WebServices (AWS) and host the forum and the adjacent pages in the "c
  8. It's axiomatic that where you have coyotes, anvil sales increase.
  9. BBC Horizon | The Secret Life of the Dog | BBC Full Documentary 2015 HD https://youtu.be/Hw71ZlvXmsM
  10. This is important because it represents a break from the "learned behavior" school of Animal Science. It means that there is scientifically validated evidence that dogs are thinking creatures. This has major legal and ethical implications about the human treatment of dogs.
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