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  1. The forum has been upgraded to the latest Invision forum software, a new server, operating system, database and php version. As this is now running on AWS, the forum is no longer susceptible to power outages, disk failure, or other weaknesses of a physical presence. Due to Internet DNS registry issues, the current domain name is iidoba.us, eventually it will resolve all the other familiar names. There are a few minor configuration issues to be dealt with but nothing serious.
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  2. New 2020 Fall AI pup owner Keith Cox 2nd tracking / search and rescue dog - Pennsylvania
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  3. How great is that????! I've often wondered what would happen if an AI dog interacted with a coyote/coyotes. I think I would still be afraid for Kaposia's safety, but you wonder.... Ever since she came into our family I've noticed such differences from any dog I've ever known....behaviors, instincts, even the way her coat smells...not like a dog at all (I compare the smell of Kaposia's coat to the smell of a good loaf of German rye bread!) She never smells "doggy" and her breath is still as sweet as the day we picked her up at the airport as a pup. There is also some kind of really strong, wond
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  4. Some friends of mine that live in San Francisco, take their AIDog hiking most every weekend. Their journey takes them to the parks and reserves in Contra Costa County, like Mt. Diablo. Their dog has made friends with a pack of coyotes. They call back and forth and join each other for play. As soon as it is hunt time, the coyotes send their AIDog back. All of this on video. It is really awesome to watch the tactics and the play of both.
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  5. Peace, Hope, Joy From Kaposia and her family to the AID forum family.
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