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  1. Oh, another thing worth mentioning! I have absolutely noticed that my dogs require significantly more food in the wintertime. They burn a lot of calories keeping themselves warm during winter as we are outside a lot regardless of temperature. They generally start packing on weight in the spring when temps turn and that's when I know it's time to start gradually decreasing meal sizes to summer rations.
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  2. Here is a photo of one of mine from the top to show what I mean about the hourglass figure. Ribs and hips are the widest, waist is small and narrow. All 3 of my dogs show this figure when viewed from above, but Yonder (in this photo) has the narrowest rib cage (though that may be due to her young age).
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  3. Well I couldn't find it but there was some recent genetic research indicating that North American aboriginal dogs are genetically predisposed to use fat better than European derived dogs. I think that likely translates into "holding on to calories". So I looked for advice on how to care for a northern american breed such as the Greenland Dog. I haven't found much but this article has an advised food that looks like it is lo carb. https://animalcorner.org/dog-breeds/greenland-dog/ as well as food adjustments along the life cycle. And some advice for Husky care and feeding including 60
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  4. How old is he? It is quite normal for dogs' metabolisms to slow down as they mature into a full fledged adult around 3-4 years of age and can very often start packing on pounds if fed the same amount as when they were younger. Being neutered will also have a similar effect. Working in the dog industry for the past decade has allowed me to see this happen again and again and again... dog is young, lean, healthy up until 1-2 yrs... gets neutered, immediately starts packing on lbs dramatically because the vet never told the owner to reduce food intake. Exercise will only get a dog so far, they re
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