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  1. Dang I can't count. Have two, would LOVE 3!
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  2. Well, I am finally getting around to this very long overdue update. It's been quite a summer for us here (and there, and everywhere!) and now as the cooler fall air is creeping back in we're finally starting to settle down into a new routine. It was a summer I will never forget, though, and one I already miss. This year was the year I was able to bring a long time dream of mine to fruition - to drive Tamarack and Rune from New Hampshire back 'home' to Oregon to visit Song Dog. It was one of those things you dream about and never expect to actually happen, and yet, somehow, everything fell
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  4. She is beautiful! Hmmm how long is the list???
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  5. Darmok and I are hitting the road again. Last year's epic 7500 mile 30 day roadtrip was simply amazing but this year I'm taking several shorter trips. My current plan is to start in Ocean Shores and make my way down the Washington and Oregon coast. I'd like to stop and have play dates with other AIs along the way. I'd also really love to stop by and visit Kim and his pack as well. I'll be leaving Ocean Shores on Sept 20th and over-nighting in Seaside. I'll then be camping down the coast with no particular schedule. Please let me know if you'd like to have a play date (esp
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  6. Sounds like a great adventure! I would love to do that one day!
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  8. Happy to hear about your great adventure. Good story, good pictures. Congratulations on your darling Yonder!
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  9. Thanks for sharing your journey Woodrat! I would love a 2 dog pack, too! Just hasn't been good timing for me. I think it is wonderful you were able to go out with the dogs to Song Dog kennel. Such a dream come true and glad you were able to do it! The pictures and narratives are awesome
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  10. Frankie & I would love to have a play date! We live in Monmouth, about an hour & a quarter from the coast, and would love an excuse to come splash in the waves. I'm betting there are some other local AI dogs who would come along. There's also a fabulous off leash dog park in Salem that would be a possibility for a gathering. Berta
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