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  1. Nakoma has really taken on the role of being a big brother!
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  2. Babies and puppies. They grow so fast! Your little pack is beautiful!
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  3. Hi guys, Khya has completed our little family. She is indeed our moon & stars and it is quite funny how we all have settled in-quirks and all. Khya is so very smart. She will go downstairs & bring the leash to you. She will start off in the morning with 'talking' (what is taking you so long human) and it will escalate quickly into howls. Proud to say she is The.Fastest.Dog.in.Town. No Husky, Viszla, Blue Heeler, Weimaraner, Whippet, Lab, Russian whatever, German Sheppard, Belgian Sheppard, Coonhound - nothing. Love watching people's faces. Then they approach and out it comes.
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  4. Updated the giant plush toy. This is how and where you'll find Kona during the day when we're home.
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  5. Lili and Kona are both total oddballs too. Lili is Waki's sister and they are two peas separated by a several hundred mile long 'pod' (being the states of Illinois & Michigan)! The weapon of a$$ destruction is a universal go to choice for Lili for managing rough housing and for controlling the wrestle-mania, which ensues regularly. If Kona gets too rambunctious it's a$$ for days! It is breathtakingly hilarious to see Lili and Waki attempting to deploy against each other...it's like a Unicorn....very rare. Kona is a 'Top' dog which translates into gravity assisted training
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  6. Not for us.. He only had 1 and it went away pretty quickly.
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  8. In the year that I have had JJ- I have noticed that he has No Trouble making friends at the dog park. Almost without fail, all dogs like him, and/or get along and play with him. I'm not sure what you 'supervisor' is talking about, because- personally- I have not experienced this phenomenon at all- ever. Oh- and I prefer the term "True Dog" over primitive or wild. lol As opposed to the plastic-dogs like Cocker Spaniels and Bichons
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