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  1. So, so happy that the Kuschel clan is expanding. Xochitl now has a little brother. Expecting him in a couple of weeks.
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  2. All is quiet on the western front over here in Kuschel-landia. Xochitl is now sleeping throughout the day (at our feet or snuggled up next to us) while we work. Come 5pm she is ready to play however, and it has gotten is on an earlier work schedule to ensure that we're done with things when she starts bringing us toys. To be honest, we're ready to play too. Right now Xochitl LOVES to play fetch. She flies like the wind in her new backyard! As the weather is cooling down more and more, we now have to corral her back into the house or she would be there all evening/night. Husband is feeling a li
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  3. On another positive note, this sweet pup is great with our daughter - here's a sweet pic of them!
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