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  1. Hello everyone, I thought I would share with you Nakoma's photos that where published in the 2019 Search Dog Calendar made by www.sarshop.com The calendar features dogs from 30 Search and Rescue Teams across the country, and with Nakoma's good looks our team was one of them (Pennsylvania Wilderness Search and Rescue) Nakoma has become known as the "poster dog", always striking a pose or smiling for the camera.
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  2. http://www.iidoba.org/forums/uploads/monthly_10_2018/post-3-0-45796500-1539198206.jpg Zephyr
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  3. Arya did fine as well when she had her procedure done . I was amazed at how fast she healed. If remember correctly, she took 1 pain pill and kept spitting the rest out, even with pill pockets. Her only issue was having a bald belly for almost a year.
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  4. Sorry to put this out there too late but apparently some vets now use laser closure vs staples and it is very effective. If you are in need of a spay, looking for a vet that uses laser is worth the effort. Cake was able to flex around the cone and pull a staple out, so she ended up in a plastic neck stock thing. It worked much better than the cone.
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  5. with mooka we just put his leash on him and he was tied to our waist as he was an still is non stop moving or running, and we had to get the biggest cone of shame as he figured out how to get around it to lick,the little smarty pants,
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  6. I know it's hard, but remember - she'll be drugged, and will heal amazingly fast. Do your best not to feel sorry for her - that will just add to her distress. Be calm and matter of fact. When Frankie got spayed the biggest problem, (other than managing my own distress:), was keeping her from running around and tearing out her stitches. She felt fine as soon as the drugs wore off - about two days. Be prepared with lots of food games and chew toys:) Also, since they're keeping her overnight, she will be zonked during that part of the experience. You'll be picking up a pretty sleepy pup
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