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  1. We use a dab of butter!
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  2. Nita and I howl for your loss
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  3. Such a beautiful, gentle expression in her eyes, and a smile too! So very sorry for your loss. Just reading these posts I'm in tears along with you. What is it about dogs? My tears for human loved ones have dried with the process of healing, but thoughts of my Golden Retriever, "24 Carat Gold Nugget" can still open the flood gates, and she passed 20 years ago this year. Our Kaposia (AID) turns one year old this month. The passing of your Lakhota reminds us all to treasure each day. Our canine family members are indeed a great gift from God. Funny you should mention her greeting you when it's y
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  4. Waiting for the rain to stop so I can play ball
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