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  2. I have not been on this site for a very long time. I have 1 of Nova's girls. Phoenix turned 13 last Nov. She looks like her Dad except were he is grey, she is black. She still has a smile that lights up a room.
  3. Rick - I think this site isn't used much anymore. It suffered a bot attack and was sort of abandoned. There are new litters still and you can see some on the Song Dog Kennels Instagram page. It seems to still be active and they post regularly.
  4. I have not seen any new pups recently, are pups still being bred? I have a current AI dog name Copper and was wondering if they're still any females available. Rick Lillie Rhododendron, Oregon
  5. So its been years since I post alot going on finally found out what was cause mookas seizures it is the flee and tick drops so he can no longer have them,we lost his best buddy Bella just when COVID hit,and it hot him hard took him a couple years to adjust to life with put her,when then got a doberman,had him for just over a year till he got sick and passed,but that did not bother him as much ,forward 2 years and we got another cane Corso he is doing good with her even at his age of 9 we also lost our black cat due to age but took it n 2 brothers that were found lost frozen to death when they
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